Does Hobby Lobby Sell Sewing Machines

One of the most popular questions people have when starting a new craft or hobby is “Does Hobby Lobby sell sewing machines?” Many people have heard of Hobby Lobby, the large craft supply chain with over 800 stores in the U.S., but they may not know that they offer a wide variety of sewing machines. Hobby Lobby carries traditional sewing machines as well as sergers, embroidery machines, and quilting machines. They also offer a variety of accessories for each type of machine.

For many people, a sewing machine is the key to opening up a world of creativity and possibilities. A sewing machine can open up many crafts from garment sewing to quilting and embroidery. Whether a beginner or experienced sewist, Hobby Lobby has everything needed to bring projects to life. At Hobby Lobby, customers can find a variety of popular brands such as Brother, Janome, and Singer.

Hobby Lobby offers sewing machines for every skill level, from a basic machine to those designed with advanced features. All machines are offered with warranty and customers are encouraged to shop around and compare features to find the perfect machine. A person looking to purchase a sewing machine can take advantage of the Hobby Lobby Sewing Room, where they will find an expert sewing consultant to help guide them in their selection. The consultant offers one-on-one customer service and will help the customer find the best machine for their needs.

Hobby Lobby also offers classes to anyone who wants to learn to use their sewing machine. From beginners to advanced users, Hobby Lobby has classes designed to help people learn the basics of sewing and to help with specific projects. There are also classes available that are designed to teach the art of quilting, and embroidery. Classes range from one day to multiple days depending on the project being made.

In addition to selling sewing machines and offering classes, Hobby Lobby also offers a wide variety of high-quality fabric, thread, and all the supplies needed for sewing. They also have a selection of patterns and books to help with any sewing project. With everything available in one store, Hobby Lobby makes it easy for anyone to pick up their supplies and get started making their projects without having to search for supplies elsewhere.


When shopping at Hobby Lobby for a sewing machine, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that they offer a wide selection of popular brands. Customers are able to compare features and prices without having to search for stores that carry the same items. They also offer a one-on-one service so customers can get more detailed information about the machines and their features.

Hobby Lobby also offers sewing classes for all levels of experience. This gives the customer the opportunity to learn how to use the machine they are considering, before they invest in it. The store also offers a wide selection of fabrics, thread, and other supplies to go along with their sewing machines.


Despite the advantages of buying a sewing machine at Hobby Lobby, there are a few disadvantages. Some customers may find that their selection is limited compared to other stores. They only carry the major brands, such as Brother and Singer, so customers looking for alternative brands may have to look elsewhere.

Another disadvantage is that machines purchased from Hobby Lobby do not come with an instructional manual. Customers will need to either buy a separate manual or use online resources to learn how to use the machine. This can be a bit overwhelming for beginners and can make the purchase process less enjoyable.


When it comes to the price, Hobby Lobby is competitive with other stores and online retailers. Customers can often find machines that are the same price or even cheaper than those offered by other retailers. The cost of a machine is also lower when taking advantage of Hobby Lobby’s promotions, such as their weekly sale.

Hanging with the sale can reap great rewards, giving the customer the opportunity to get a great machine at an even better price. Hobby Lobby also offers discounted gift cards and sometimes offers free shipping, so customers can take advantage of these offers to save even more on the cost of their sewing machine.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Hobby Lobby is a great option. They offer a team of knowledgeable sales associates and experts in their Sewing Room that can answer customer questions. The customer service at Hobby Lobby is top notch and customers can often find help for any questions or concerns they may have.

Overall, Hobby Lobby is a great choice for purchasing a sewing machine. They offer a wide selection of machines from all the major brands, as well as accessories and supplies. With their great selection and customer service, Hobby Lobby makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect machine for their needs.

Shipping and Delivery

Hobby Lobby offers online shopping for those who don’t have a store close by. Orders over $50 ship free with standard shipping and orders under $50 have a shipping fee of $5.99. Orders are usually processed and shipped within 2-3 business days with exceptions during sale and peak times. In-store pickup is also available with some select items.

For those buying a sewing machine in-store, Hobby Lobby offers delivery. Depending on location, customers can receive their machine at their doorstep within 2-5 business days. Delivery fees vary depending on size and weight of the item so customers should ask their sales associate for more information.

Returns & Refunds

Those purchasing online from Hobby Lobby can return items for a full refund within 90 days. To return an item, a customer must include their original invoice with the return package and ship back to the Hobby Lobby Online Returns Center.

For items purchased in-store, customers can receive a refund or exchange within 90 days. For refunds, the item must be accompanied by the original receipt and in new condition. A store credit is offered on items returned after 90 days. All returns and exchanges are subject to store manager approval.

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