Does Home Depot Sell Sewing Machines

Is Home Depot the right store to find the sewing machine you’re looking for? It’s certainly a popular modern go-to for home repairs and remodeling, but can Home Depot help you find the right thread and needle to create the perfect garment? The answer to this question depends on what kind of sewing machine you need most.

Home Depot carries some sewing machines, but the options tend to be more limited than those offered in an independent quilting and sewing machine store, where most mainstays like Brother and Singer are available. Many of the machines at Home Depot are sold and serviced by Georgia-based SINGER Sewing, who specializes in sewing, embroidery, quilting, and serger machines as well as other supplies and service.

Quilters and sewers looking for a mid-range machine will be hard-pressed to find a suitable option at Home Depot. However, the popular home improvement chain does carry a full assortment of sewing machine accessories and parts. Whether you’re looking for bobbins, needles, presser feet, and more, Home Depot has you covered.

And, if you’re looking for a Singer machine, Home Depot has a great selection to choose from. Whether it’s a basic mechanical machine or a computerized one, you’ll be able to find a variety of models that come loaded with helpful features like jam-resistant bobbin winding and top drop-in bobbin accessible foot control.

However, the selection of machines sold at Home Depot can be quite limited, and shoppers may find better prices and greater selection at an independent sewing machine store. Plus, store employees are usually more knowledgeable about particular models and can answer your questions about specific features.

If you’re looking for a high-quality machine but want to shop from the comfort of your own home, you may want to look into buying from an online store instead. Many online retail stores carry the same items that you can find in a physical store, so you can compare prices. Plus, many stores offer free shipping and discounts on certain models.

Machine Parts and Accessories

When it comes to machines parts, like needles and bobbins, Home Depot has them all in one convenient place. From Singer to Brother, you can find all the basics. Or if you’re looking for more advanced accessories, like a walking foot or binding foot, they have those too. And if you need to stock up on fabric and thread, they offer plenty of options to get your project started.

Plus, Home Depot carries more than just basic sewing machine parts and accessories. For example, their stores have furniture like cutting tables and sewing cabinets, as well as presser feet and specialty attachments like invisible zippers, bias tape makers, and cording foots.

In addition, Home Depot carries a wide array of specialty components for quilting and embroidery machines. You can find a variety of quilting frames, hoops, and feet—as well as embroidery software and card designs—all available in one convenient location.

Sewers and quilters who are looking for basic machine parts and (or) accessories for either their regular or quilting and embroidery machines should definitely check out Home Depot’s selection.


When it comes to cost, Home Depot is an affordable option and often has great deals on both machines and machine accessories. Their models come with special offers, like free shipping, and often include discounts. Plus, they offer an extended warranty on most machines that you won’t find at other stores.

Generally speaking, shoppers can expect to find machines at Home Depot that range in price from $100 to $500. The higher end models are likely to have more specialty functions and longer warranties.

Overall, Home Depot is a great place to start, especially if you’re in the market for a basic machine or accessories. But, for those in search of a higher-end model, or a machine with advanced features like quilting and embroidery, Home Depot may not be the best option.

Customer Services

As for customer service, Home Depot offers a unique program called Sewing Palace. This is a personalized service that vendors provide to help shoppers pick out the perfect machine for their specific needs. They offer advice on what kinds of machines are best and what projects they can work on as well as set up and repair services.

If you’re ever in doubt about what machine is best for you, or if you want to be sure that it will work correctly before you buy, the Sewing Palace program is a great resource. They can even help you purchase the machine, if you’d like. The in-store staff is knowledgeable about a variety of machines, brands, and models, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice possible.

Plus, Home Depot also provides customers with a tech support hotline you can call in case you ever have any questions or problems with your machine. They are available to answer any questions you might have and even provide troubleshooting services.

Repair and Maintenance

If you experience any problems with your machine, Home Depot offers a comprehensive repair and maintenance service. They can repair your machine onsite or at an offsite location and provide the parts and labor necessary. The store also stocks frequently used replacement parts and has knowledgeable store associates to answer questions.

Home Depot also provides a three-year limited warranty on sewing machines to ensure your purchase is of the highest quality. This warranty includes parts, labor, and even return shipping in case it needs to be sent in for repair.

In addition, Home Depot also runs classes and events to help customers learn how to use and repair their machines. They offer sewing machine repair classes, quilting classes, embroidery classes, and more. By attending one of these classes, customers can gain valuable insights into how to use and repair their machines.

Finally, Home Depot’s online store also carries extensive selection of manuals, patterns, and instructional videos that can help you get the most out of your sewing machine.

In Conclusion

Home Depot is a great option for those looking for a basic machine with a limited selection of features. They have a wide selection of parts and accessories, as well as a good warranty, repair service, and online resources. But, their selection of machines is limited and their prices may not always be competitive.

Overall, Home Depot may be a good choice for those on a budget or those just starting out with a basic machine. But, for those looking for an advanced or higher-end machine, it is best to look elsewhere. At the end of the day, you know best what type of sewing machine you need and what your budget can accommodate.

Geoffrey Kirby is an experienced author and sewist who has been creating sewn projects for over 20 years. He has a passion for teaching beginners and inspiring more advanced sewists both online and through his writings. Outside of writing about sewing, Geoffrey loves to explore new techniques and styles of sewing that incorporate upcycling fabric remnants into sweet items with personality.

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