Does Michaels Sell Sewing Machine Needles

When someone works with a sewing machine, it’s important to have the right type of needles to ensure that the project is successful. Sewing machine needles have different sizes and shapes depending on the material or fabric used. Does Michael’s sell sewing machine needles? Read on to know more.

When it comes to needles, Michael’s has an array of different types ranging from needles for embroidery to quilting. They carry some of the most popular brands such as DMC, Schmetz, and Universal. In addition to the common sizes, they also offer needles specifically formulated for certain types of fabrics such as denim and velvet.

According to sewing experts, the most important factor to consider when buying needles is that they should be made of quality steel. Michael’s carries needles made of carbon steel and titanium, and they provide details on the grade and type of steel used so customers can make informed purchases. This information makes it easier for customers to determine the best needle size and shape for the fabric they are working with.

Another critical aspect of buying needles is that you have to buy the correct type to suit the sewing machine. Michael’s stores carry needles suitable for all types of machines including domestic and industrial models. They also provide detailed instructions on how to select the right needle for the sewing task.

Michael’s Stores offer a wide range of needles for all types of sewing projects. From basic projects such as mending clothes to intricate quilting and special fabric designs – Michael’s has the right needle for all types of sewing tasks. The store also carries assorted needle points which can be used for embroidery, quilting, and mending.

The quality and variety of needles at Michael’s makes it one of the preferred choices for sewers and quilters. Prices are also quite reasonable, with the needles ranging from $6.99 for a pack of ten to $14.99 for a pack of twenty.

In conclusion, Michael’s has an impressive selection of sewing machine needles at great prices. They also provide detailed descriptions and instructions on the type of needle suitable for various sewing tasks.


Sewing machine needles have to be durable to withstand repeated use and pressure. Michael’s has some of the most durable needles made of high-grade steel and other premium materials.

They have needles designed to last longer and stand up to tougher materials without bending or breaking. The needles also have anti-friction coatings which prevent wear and tear and ensure a smooth fabric flow.

Moreover, Michael’s needles are heat-resistant, meaning they can handle higher temperatures used for some fabric types such as velvet and polyesters. This ensures that the needles last longer and are more consistent.


Michael’s needles also come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of fabric used. Most commonly used needles are the universal ballpoint, which can be used for most fabric types and has a rounded tip to prevent fabric tearing.

For more delicate fabrics, they have the stretch and embroidery needles which use an extra deep groove and a chisel point. Quilters also prefer titanium needles with a tapered point that ensures precision stitching without fabric puckering.

Michael’s sewing needles also have larger eyes that make it easy to thread the needle. This prevents threading errors, saving time and money.


Michael’s Stores have a wide selection of needles for all types of sewing needs. The needles are specifically designed for domestic and industrial sewing machines and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

This makes it easy for customers to choose the correct needle depending on their project. The assortment also includes needles meant for specific fabrics as well as premium needles that are heat resistant, durable and more precise.

The needles come in a variety of packs and are available at affordable prices. Michael’s frequently offers discounts and promotions, making it even easier for customers to purchase needles for their sewing machines.


When it comes to quality, Michael’s needles are some of the best on the market. They have needles made from premium materials and manufactured to meet the stringent quality standards set by the industry.

Most importantly, they are certified to be free from impurities, dirt and sharp edges. This ensures that the needles do not damage the material and perform their tasks seamlessly. Sewers can be assured that the needles purchased from Michael’s will work perfectly with any sewing task.

In addition, Michael’s has needles crafted in sizes to ensure consistent stitches and an even-looking fabric. This is critical for fine stitching finishes and intricate quilting designs.

Customer Service

Michael’s also stands out for its excellent customer service. The store offers detailed instructions on selecting the correct needle for the sewing task, as well as tips on using the needles properly. This makes it easy for customers to use the product safely and efficiently.

The store also has a wide variety of accessories and tools used for sewing projects. Customers can purchase needles along with other items necessary to complete their sewing tasks.

Finally, Michael’s has a friendly and helpful staff that provides accurate information about needles and other supplies. Customers can even consult with the experts to find out which needles are best for their particular project.

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