How Long Do Brother Sewing Machines Last

When it comes to durable and reliable home sewing machines, Brother Sewing Machines are top contenders in the game. Rated highly for their performance, practical use and longevity, it’s no surprise that people across the world rely on them to create unique and stylish garments. But how long do Brother Sewing Machines actually last?

It is impossible to give a definite timeline for the longevity of a machine, because there are many contributing factors. The most important aspect is, of course, the care and maintenance that goes into the machine. If a Brother Sewing Machine is properly serviced and cleaned, it can continue working at an optimal level without any major issues – thus prolonging its lifespan significantly.

How often a machine is used is also an important factor – the more a machine is used, the quicker it will wear out and require repairs or components replaced. Generally, a machine that is only used occasionally will remain in fine working order for longer. It is also essential to use the proper amount of thread tension, too much or too little tension can cause issues and may even damage the machine.

High-end machines are more reliable for longer periods of time and come equipped with the latest technology and improved mechanics. According to Sewing Insight, experts suggest buying the best machine you can afford. With the right maintenance, a high-end machine can last for up to 20 years. Lower-end models, however, will not last as long as the higher-end ones, as they are not as durable and may not be able to stand up to heavy use.

Although it is difficult to determine exactly how long a Brother Sewing Machine will last, with the proper maintenance and usage they have the potential to last for many years. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and caring for the machine, it will certainly remain in optimal condition for much longer.


It is essential to maintain a Brother Sewing Machine regularly to ensure it is running smoothly with no problems. Regular maintenance will also extend its overall lifespan. When it comes to cleaning, it should be done once a month at the very least. To do this, remove the lint and fluff from the bobbin case, the presser feet and the feed dog. The tension discs, pressure buttons and feed mechanisms should be periodically oiled. It is also important to clean the needle plate and the feed dog with a cotton swab and, if necessary, to oil the thread take-up lever and the shuttle race as well.

Furthermore, if the machine has been idle for a long period of time, it is necessary to exercise the oiling points by running the machine on a scrap fabric for a few minutes. Sewing machines also need to be serviced regularly by an experienced technician to ensure it is running at its best. This should be done once a year, or every few months if it is in regular use.

Proper Storage

Storing a Brother Sewing Machine correctly when it is not in use is just as important as cleaning and taking care of the machine. It is best to keep it in its case, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Nonetheless, it is necessary to use the machine occasionally to keep it in good working condition. Leaving a machine idle for a long period of time can cause it to rust and damage certain components. It is therefore recommended to “exercise” it at least once a month.

Useful Accessories

Certain accessories, such as a 5-in-1 sliding gauge, can be used to help increase the longevity of a Brother Sewing Machine. This gauge can measure buttonholes, thread the needle, measure hems, eyewash seams and adjust zippers – all at once. It is easy to install and can help to prevent wear and tear on the machine. Due to its multifunctional use, it is a must-have for any keen sewer.


Reconditioning a Brother Sewing Machine can help to restore it back to working order and extend its lifespan. It involves breaking down the machine, cleaning and replacing damaged and worn-out parts, and then putting it back together. Replacing any broken or worn-out components can help to restore the machine’s performance and ensure it continues to work reliably for many years.

Tips and Tricks

People who are accustomed to using a Brother Sewing Machine will know that it is important to use the correct settings and tensions. Too much or too little tension can cause issues and may even damage the machine. To prevent this, it is best to test the machine on a scrap of fabric first. Also, do not pull or push the fabric. Instead, let the feed dogs do their job, as this prevents wear and tear.

Using only the best quality needles and threads is also beneficial. Cheap needles can cause uneven consistent stitches or even damage the machine over time. Threads that are too dense can cause the needle to wear out faster. The same can be said for bobbins, it is best to use good quality ones for reliability.


The longevity of a Brother Sewing Machine depends on its care and maintenance, how often it is used and the quality of the components used. With the proper maintenance and usage, a Brother Sewing Machine can last for many years, even decades. It is therefore important to keep it working optimally by following the manufacturer’s instructions, the tips and tricks mentioned above, and making sure it is serviced regularly.

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