How To Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Thread Top Threading

The initial step to bobbin a Brother sewing machine is to thread the top thread. Begin with removing the presser foot lever by pushing the flathead screwdriver. Now, move the handwheel towards yourself until the needle is at its highest point and the needle plate hole is visible. Next, get a matching spool and pull the thread from the spool holder, followed by bringing it to the top thread tension disc located on the faceplate.

Wrap it around tension disc and pull it up, guiding the thread through the hole located on the needle plate. Then, lead the thread with the help of the take-up lever’s eye located near the needle and finally, take it down along the groove of the faceplate. If you are unable to understand these steps, it is always better to consult a guide or read the manual.

Insert the Bobbin

Now that the top threading is done, it is time to insert the bobbin into the bobbin case. Begin by locating the bobbin case holder that is situated at the top of the machine. Now, take out the bobbin case by flipping the small lever located over it. If needed, use a finger to press the tiny plate at the back of the case that releases the bobbin.

Now, take out the bobbin from the case. Take a new bobbin and fill it with a matching thread that coordinates with the top thread. When you are done, place the bobbin into the case, lining the thread in a backwards position behind the small hook. Then, close the small latch and make sure it clicks. Finally, put the case back into the holder. All that is left to do is bobbin the Brother sewing machine.

Bobbin Winder

The next step is to attach the bobbin to the bobbin winder that is located on top of the machine. To do this, pull up the handwheel and move it up to the center point. This will reveal the bobbin winder. Now, insert the thread end of the bobbin into the small vertical notch at the top of the winder.

Next, pull the thread end slightly and press the bobbin winder’s lever. Now, the winder can be used by pressing the foot pedal to the maximum point. This will rotate the bobbin. Make sure you hold the thread while winding the bobbin as this will create a tension that will ensure that the spooling is uniform. Stop winding when the bobbin is full to the brim.

Pull the Bobbin Thread

The final step is to pull the bobbin thread. Move the handwheel towards yourself until the needle is at its highest position. Use a small pair of scissors to cut off the excess yarn. Now that you have a free end of the thread, proceed to the next step.

To pull the bobbin thread, use one hand to hold the top thread firmly and use the same hand for pulling the bobbin thread. Place the scissor’s point in between the needle plate hole, followed by pulling the thread out of the hole. Then, take the top thread, cross it with the bobbin thread and pull it out.

You must not forget to patronize the bobbin threads. Doing so will ensure avoid knotting and winding friction. After doing this, remove the presser foot lever to unveil the needle plate hole, followed by pushing the bobbin thread into the hole.

Bottom Threading

Bobbining a Brother sewing machine is incomplete without threading the bottom. Begin by inserting the presser foot lever, followed by moving the take-up lever to its highest point position. Now, get a matching spool of thread and pull it towards the front of the machine.

Now, put the spool of thread onto the spool holder and guide the thread towards the bobbin winding tension disc located below. Slide the thread into the corresponding groove and bring it down along the guide then, lead the thread through the take-up lever’s eye. Next, take the thread downwards to the needle plate hole.

Finally, push the thread end in between the slit of the needle plate hole and pull it up gently. After this, your Brother sewing machine is ready for use.

Instructions for Novice Sewers

Bobbining a Brother sewing machine can be intimidating for novice sewers, but if the steps are followed closely, the process is fairly straightforward. All that is requires is patience and concentration. Start by assembling the basic tools like a screwdriver, scissors, and thread. Then, start to thread the top of the machine followed by the bobbin.

When done, attach the bobbin winder by pulling the bobbin thread and placing the end in the notch in the winder. Then, proceed with winding the bobbin by pressing the foot pedal. Once the bobbin is full, take it out, followed by threading the bottom. Finally, patronize the bobbin thread and push it into the slit in the needle plate.

Tips and Tricks

When learning how to bobbin a Brother sewing machine, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process easier. Firstly, use the same thread for both the top and the bottom thread as this will ensure better coordination between the two. Secondly, keep an extra bobbin with you as this will save you from running out of thread in the middle of a project. Lastly, make sure that the thread is not pulled too tight as this can cause the tension discs to jam the thread.

Bobbing a Brother sewing machine is a significant skill that can provide novice sewers with more freedom to create projects. When done correctly, the process is quite simple and straightforward. Remember to use the same thread for both the top and the bottom, assemble the basic tools, and patronize the bobbin thread. With dedication and patience, anyone can learn how to bobbin a Brother sewing machine.

Spooling the bobbin Thread

Spooling the bobbin thread is the last part of bobbing a Brother sewing machine correctly. To spool it correctly, start by taking the thread and wrapping it around your finger. Then, place the finger in the center of the bobbin, followed by interweaving the thread until it completely covers the bobbin.

When done, remove the finger, followed by tracing the thread end over the previous threads. This way, the thread will adhere together forming a spider web of sorts. Finally, cut off the excess, roll the bobbin over your finger, and use your other hand to press the thread against the bobbin. Your thread spooling is now complete.

Basic Sewing Maintenance

Now that you know how to bobbin a Brother sewing machine, it is essential to practice basic sewing machine maintenance. This will help to avoid future problems. One of the most basic maintenance tasks is to regularly oil the machine. Every few months, apply motor-grade oil in the oil hole and the parts that come into direct contact with the metal parts. This will help to keep the machine running smoothly.

While using the machine, make sure to not to close the presser foot on the thread as this can damage the machine and jam the fabric. Also, only use quality sewing machine needles and never share needles with anyone else. This will help to prevent the spread of any viruses or infections. Finally, make sure to clean the machine after every use as this will help keep your Brother sewing machine in top condition.

Safety Precautions

Lastly, it is essential to be familiar with safety precautions involved when bobbin a Brother sewing machine. For example, make sure to keep your fingers away from the needle area as this can cause accidents. Always use the right needle size and maintain a good posture while sewing. Lastly, always make sure to place the machine on a flat and stable surface such as a table or counter top.

Bobbing a Brother sewing machine is not difficult with the right instructions and guidance. Make sure to use matching thread for the top and bottom, practice safety precautions and maintenance for a smooth sewing experience. With dedication and patience, anyone can learn how to bobbin a Brother sewing machine.

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