How To Find Model Number On Singer Sewing Machine

Location of Model Number on Singer Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machines are well known for their durability and usability. Knowing the model number of the sewing machine you own can help you to find compatible supplies, repair parts, and even additional instruction manuals. However, the location of the model number on each machine varies depending on the age and type of machine.

Older Models (Pre-1970)

For most older models of Singer sewing machines, the serial number is located on the bottom portion of the machine, normally behind the small storage compartment. However, if your machine is missing the serial number – or the serial numbers are not clearly visible – search the entire underside of the machine, as the serial number may have been stamped elsewhere.

1970s and 1980s Model Machines

On more modern Singer machines, the model number is located inside the metal plate on the front of the machine. When looking for the model number on these machines, ensure that the metal plate is unlocked and flip up the lid from the metal plate to view the model and serial numbers.

1990s – 2010s Model Machines

Beginning in the 1990s, Singer started placing the model numbers in the catch-panels that house the bobbin, or on the accessory bay behind the bobbin for more modern machines. To find the model number of a vintage Singer sewing machine, look on the bobbins or accessory bay cover, or on the bottom panels of the machine.

Advanced Technology Model Machines

Beginning around 2010, Singer started placing model numbers in the stitch selection dial of the machine. The model number can be found by turning the stitch selection dial to the left and looking in the bottom half, where you will find all helpful information about the machine, including the model number. If a model is covered by a sticker on the stitch dial, remove the sticker to find the model number and serial number.

Finding the Model Number Online

If your Singer sewing machine is not the vintage or modern type, the model number may not be printed on the machine itself. However, you can still find the model number online. The website offers a “model number search” page, where you can type the number of documents you own and the Singer manufacturing date code into the search and learn the precise type of machine you have.

Understanding Your Model Number

Finding the model number of your Singer sewing machine is important, as the model number can tell you the precise type of machine and what year it was made. This can be useful when looking for new supplies and parts and understanding whether or not your machine will be supported. Learning the model number may take some digging and research, but it should be a relatively simple process of looking around the machine or by searching online.

Finding Singer Sewing Machine Parts and Accessories

Once you have located the model number of your Singer sewing machine, you may want to find parts and accessories to add to your toolkit. Shopping for parts and accessories online is often much easier than within local stores, as you can browse directly for the parts and accessories that fit your machine. Furthermore, online stores may have more options in terms of specialty supplies, older replacement parts, and refurbished tools.

Understanding Compatible Sewing Machine Parts

Knowing the model number of your Singer sewing machine can often make the difference between finding compatible parts or supplies and finding something that will not fit on to your machine. It is important to remember that, while parts and supplies may have a similar appearance, they may not actually fit onto your machine if they do not specifically list compatibility with your model type.

Safety and Reliability

Using reliable parts and supplies for your Singer sewing machine is highly important for protecting it from damage and for your own safety. If you are in doubt about the compatibility of a part for your machine, ask the seller for more information or contact the Singer customer service team. Furthermore, take some time to read the manual of your Singer sewing machine and understand the safety features.

Summary and Proper Care

Proper maintenance and care of your Singer sewing machine is essential in order to keep it running smoothly, and understanding the model type of your machine can help you to find the right parts and supplies. Furthermore, with the model number, you may be able to locate a sale on replacement parts and supplies or access information about your machines’ warranties. Either way, it is crucial to take care of your Singer sewing machine and make it last as long as possible.

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