How To Fix Needle Threader On Brother Sewing Machine


Fixing a needle threader on a Brother sewing machine is a simple task that requires basic knowledge and some patience. Needle threaders are used to ensure the thread is placed correctly in the needle, making the job easier and faster. With the right tools and a clear understanding of the problem, fixing a needle threader on a Brother sewing machine is an easy task.

How To Fix a Needle Threader

First, it is important to check if there is something stuck inside the needle. If so, the needle needs to be removed and cleaned. To do this, locate the small screw that holds the needle in place and loosen it. Carefully pull the needle out of the machine and inspect it for any foreign objects. If something is stuck, remove it and then return the needle to its original position.
Once the needle has been safely secured in the machine, it’s time to thread the needle. To start, locate the needle threader on the top of the machine. Then, raise the presser foot and push the needle threader slowly up and down until the needle is inserted. Then, lower the presser foot and pull the threader to the right until the small metal loop is over the top of the needle. After that, bring the threader back to the left and use the threader to gently pull the thread around the back of the needle.
The last step to fix the needle threader is to turn the thumbscrew located at the base of the needle. This will secure the needle in place and ensure the thread is positioned correctly. Then, raise the presser foot and check that the thread is snugly in the groove of the needle. If the thread slips off, then simply repeat the process and make sure the needle is secure.

Additional Tools

In addition to the threader, there are some other tools and supplies that can be used to fix a needle threader on a Brother sewing machine. Needle nosed pliers or hemostats can be used to help pull the threader through the needle and around the back. This can be very helpful in tight spaces and to ensure that the thread is placed correctly.
The machine may also require a new needle. If the old needle has become bent, misshapen, or is just not working properly, a new needle may be necessary. It is important to double-check the needle size before buying a new one, as some machines require special sizes.

Tips for Success

When fixing a needle threader on a Brother sewing machine, it is important to take accurate measurements. Knowing the exact size of the needle and the threader is essential to ensuring the job is done correctly. Additionally, having the right tools, such as needle-nosed pliers, is essential for a successful repair.
It is also important to be patient and take your time. Carefully following the instructions and checking the work as you go can save time and energy in the long run. Even if the job seems intimidating or challenging, following the steps above can make the process much easier.

Preventative Measures

To ensure that the needle threader remains in good condition, it is important to take some preventative measures. First and foremost, make sure to always keep the sewing machine clean. Dirt and dust can accumulate on the machine and lead to the needles and threader becoming clogged or damaged over time. Additionally, use only high-quality thread and needles, as low-quality supplies may damage the machine or the threader.
Cleaning the sewing machine after each use will help keep the needle threader in working order and functioning smoothly. Regularly checking the threader for any signs of damage or excess wear will also help to ensure it does its job properly.

Sewing Machine Maintenance

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance of the sewing machine, it is also important to make sure the machine is regularly serviced. This will help to keep the machine running in optimal condition and catch any potential issues with the needle threader before they become major problems.
When taking the machine in for service, it is important to discuss the issue with the practitioner. This will help ensure that the technician is able to work on the machine in the most effective and efficient way possible. Additionally, bring along any parts that need replacing, such as needles and bobbins, so that the technician can get to work right away.


Fixing a needle threader on a Brother sewing machine is a straightforward process. With the proper tools and understanding of the problem, this task can be easily done. Start by checking if anything is stuck in the needle, then thread the needle with the threader and secure it in place with the thumbscrew.
Using additional tools such as needle-nosed pliers and hemostats can make the job easier, as can replacing an old or faulty needle. To ensure the machine and threader remain in the best condition, remember to clean the machine after each use and to have it serviced regularly. With the right knowledge and effort, repairing a needle threader on a Brother machine can be a hassle-free and rewarding experience.

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