How To Lower Feed Dogs On Brother Sewing Machine

Many beginner sewers have a hard time learning how to lower feed dogs on Brother sewing machines. Before being able to sew, it is important to learn how to lower the feed dogs so you can control the fabric accurately. Feed dogs are what pull the fabric as you sew. Setting the feed dogs in the lower position allows for your fabric to glide smoothly.

The good news is that learning how to lower feed dogs on Brother sewing machines is not difficult. The following steps will explain the process:

Turn on the Sewing Machine

First, turn on the Brother sewing machine and make sure that the needle is in the highest position. Press the foot control to raise the needle and activate the feed dogs.

Lower Feed Dog

There will be a lever (usually located on the side of the Brother sewing machine) to lower the feed dog. Pull the lever downwards so that the feed dog position is lowered. Most lower the feed dog for free-motion sewing, quilting, applique, and embroidery.

Move the Feed Dog

With the lever pulled downward, use your fingers to move the feed dog back and forth. This will ensure that the feed dog is in the lower position and will remain there when the lever is released. Check to make sure that the feed dog is completely free from any obstruction.

Release the Lever

When you’re satisfied with the position of the feed dog, you can release the lever. Make sure that the feed dog remains in the lower position, then flip the switch back to the on position.

Test the Sewing Machine

Once you have finished lowering the feed dog, you can test the sewing machine by pressing the foot pedal. The needle should move up and down as normal, but the fabric should no longer be pulled through by the feed dog.

Learning how to lower feed dogs on Brother sewing machines isn’t that difficult. However, if you’re still having trouble, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions: there will be illustrations, manuals, and help videos that can guide you through the process.

Set the Needle Plate

If you plan on free-motion stitching, make sure to pull the lever at the back of the needle plate up before lowering the feed dog. This will help keep your stitches even and consistent. After sewing, make sure to switch the lever back to the original position.

Learn the Safety Protocols

It is important to remember that when you are using the Brother sewing machine, the feed dog must remain in the lowest position. Failure to do so may cause injury or damage to the sewing machine. Make sure to always read the instructions and be aware of the safety protocols when using the machine.

Spray Machine Lubricants Before Sewing

To ensure that your fabric glides smoothly, it is important to spray machine lubricants or oil on the machine before sewing. This will help to keep the feed dogs from pulling the fabric too hard and make the whole process smoother.

Adjust the Foot Pedal Position

It is important to move the foot pedal in the correct position before sewing. Make sure that the foot pedal is in a comfortable position in front of you, otherwise you may strain your legs when pressing the pedal.

Remove Obstructions from the Machine

Before sewing, always make sure to check the Brother sewing machine for any obstructions or issues that may interfere with the machine. Make sure the needle is properly aligned and there are no loose threads that may get wrapped around the feed dog.

Adjust the Thread Tension and Stitch Setting

When the feed dog is in the lower position, it is important to make sure that the thread tension and stitch setting are also adjusted accordingly. In order to make sure that the stitches are even and the fabric is fed smoothly, it is important to adjust the tension dial and select a stitch length setting.

Check the Bobbin Threads

Before starting to sew, make sure that the bobbin thread is the same color and type as the top thread. Inconsistent threads can cause problems when the feed dog is in the lower position, so make sure to always check before sewing.

Check the Needle and Thread

It is important to use the right needle and thread when using the Brother sewing machine. If you are using the wrong needle or thread, it may cause issues with the stitch length and fabric feed. The wrong needle and thread can also cause damage to the machine.

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