How To Oil A Brother Ls 2125 Sewing Machine

Maintenance Tips

The Brother LS 2125 sewing machine is a quality medium-weight sewing machine and making regular maintenance a priority can help ensure that it will last for years to come. One important maintenance task is to oil the machine regularly. Doing so will give the machine a longer life and help it operate more smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to oil this machine.

Preparing to Oil the Machine

Before beginning, make sure that the machine is completely turned off and unplugged for safety. Remove the needle plate cover to access the bobbin area and check that there are no lint, threads or dust in this area, as this can interfere with the sewing performance. This bobbin area should also have just a small amount of oil, and you should re-oil it if necessary.

Applying Oil to the Machine

The Brother LS 2125 sewing machine has nine different locations that require oiling. The primary areas which need to be oiled are the bobbin area, the feed dog, the needle bar and the shuttle hook. When applying oil, take care to not use too much, as this could cause excess build-up which could later interfere with efficient sewing.
Use only sewing machine oil when oiling your sewing machine. This oil is specifically designed for sewing machines, and will keep the parts lubricated and eliminate any gumming.


When oiling the machine, you must remember to oil both the top and bottom sides of some parts, such as the feed dog, the shuttle hook and needle bar. Additionally take note that you should never use any other type of oil than the one specifically made for sewing machines.

Tools Needed for Oiling A Sewing Machine

The tools required for oiling the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine are generally the same tools you use for sewing. These include sewing machine oil, a small screwdriver, a lint brush, and a cloth for wiping off any excess oil.

Regular Oiling

It is important to oil the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine regularly. Experts generally recommend that this machine should be oiled every fourth sewing session. If you are sewing a lot of heavy fabric, you may need to oil the machine more often. Additionally, the manual included with your machine will tell you when an oiling is necessary and how often it should be done.

Preparing the Machine After Oiling

Once you have finished oiling the machine, replace the needle plate cover and plug the machine back in. Test the machine once or twice on a scrap piece of fabric to make sure it is operating correctly. Make sure to store the machine in a cool, dry place to reduce the amount of dust that may settle on it.

Sealing Oil Leaks

Due to normal wear and tear, some Brother LS 2125 sewing machines can develop oil leaks. If this occurs, take particular care to seal any leak as quickly as possible to avoid possible damage to the machinery. The best way to do this is to have the machine serviced by an authorized technician.

Oiling the Needles

The Brother LS 2125 sewing machine come with a special needle bar oiling kit which contains special needles that help lubricate the needle bar. Depending on the type of needle being used, it may be necessary to oil the needles after every eight hours of use.

Checking the Oil Levels

It is important to regularly check the oil levels in your Brother LS 2125 sewing machine. This can be done by simply opening the needle plate and seeing how full or empty the oil holes are. If they are not full, it is time to oil the machine.

Cleaning the Surface

In order to keep the surface of the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine in good condition, regular cleaning is important. Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water to clean the machine on the outside. Never use any harsh abrasives or chemicals, as these can cause damage.

Sealing the Oil Leaks with Tape

If a small oil leak is found in the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine, a temporary fix can be made with electrical tape. This can help to stop the leak until the machine can be taken to a service technician. Be sure to clean the area where the leak is before applying the tape, as this will help the tape to adhere better.

Protecting the Machine from Dust

One of the best ways to keep the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine in good working order is to keep it covered when not in use. This will keep dust and dirt from settling on the machine and help to keep the parts clean and well functioning.

Cleaning and Oiling the Hook Race

The hook race is the part that moves the hook around the needle area. To keep this part well oiled and in good working order, it should be cleaned and oiled as needed. This part should be checked regularly, and any debris should be removed with a lint brush. When applying oil, make sure that only a small amount is used.

Cleaning and Oiling the Bobbin Case

The bobbin case is an important part of the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine and making sure it is clean and well oiled can help ensure that the machine runs smoothly. It is important to regularly clean the bobbin case of any dirt or dust, as this can interfere with proper tension. When oiling, make sure to use only sewing machine oil and oil only the parts which have been specified in the owner’s manual.

Replacing the Needles Regularly

It is important to replace needles regularly, as worn or damaged needles can cause skipped stitches or other sewing problems. It is generally recommended to replace needles after every eight hours of stitching. The type of needle used should be the same as specified in the owner’s manual for this machine.

Testing the Machine After Oiling

Once oiling the Brother LS 2125 sewing machine is complete, it is important to test the machine on a piece of scrap fabric. You should check for skipped stitches, proper tension and smooth operation. If any issues are noticed, oil the machine again or take it to a professional service technician.

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