How To Raise Presser Foot On Singer Sewing Machine

What is a Presser Foot

A presser foot is a device that holds the fabric firmly in place during sewing. Sewing machines come equipped with a few different presser feet, and each has a specific purpose. In this article, we will learn what a presser foot is and how to raise the presser foot on a Singer sewing machine.
The presser foot is located on the back of the needle bar on the sewing machine. It acts as a clamp to hold down the layer of fabric you are working with. This is important for accurate stitching and for preventing fabric from being pulled too tightly underneath the needle. When the presser foot is down, it holds the fabric fibers in place, so that the stitches stay in place and the fabric does not move during sewing. To raise the presser foot, you must use a release button that is located on top of the needle bar.

Raising the Presser Foot

Raising the presser foot can be tricky the first few times, but with practice, you will get the hang of it. To begin, press down the release button on top of the needle bar. This will release the locking mechanism that holds the presser foot in place. Then, gently lift the presser foot off the fabric.
Next, press down again on the release button, to lock the presser foot in the raised position. At this point, the presser foot should be high enough to allow you to slide your fabric underneath. Once the fabric is in place, lower the presser foot by pressing down the release button once more. The presser foot should now be in the lowered position, and your fabric should be secured in place.

Important Safety Tips

It is important to remember that the presser foot is a critical component of the sewing machine. If the presser foot is not properly secured, you can cause damage to the fabric or the sewing machine itself. When lowering the presser foot, make sure that it is not too tightly pressed down, as this can cause your needle to break. It is also important to take your time when raising the presser foot so that it does not drop unexpectedly on your fabric or the needle. When sewing, always be sure to keep your hands away from the needle and the presser foot.

Presser Foot Attachments

Singer machines come equipped with a few different presser foot attachments to help you with specific projects. For example, the Zipper Foot allows you to easily sew a zipper into your fabric, while the Quilting Foot has a special design that allows you to quilt with accuracy and finesse. To attach a presser foot attachment, begin by taking off the existing presser foot. There will be a metal clamp holding the presser foot in place – press down the release button to loosen and remove the presser foot. Then, attach your chosen presser foot attachment.

Using the Right Thread

When attaching a presser foot or raising and lowering it, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct thread for the project. Different projects require different types of thread, such as quilting thread, embroidery thread, and serger thread. Using the wrong thread can result in uneven stitching or skipped stitches. It is also important to use thread that is the same color as the fabric you are working with.

Caring for the Machine

Caring for your sewing machine is important to ensure its longevity, as well as its performance. Be sure to regularly oil and clean the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help to keep the moving parts in good condition, and will also prevent any thread or fabric buildup.


Raising and lowering the presser foot on a Singer sewing machine is not difficult, but it does require practice and patience. With proper care and maintenance, your machine will be up and running in no time. And when you have mastered the art of raising the presser foot, you will be able to take your sewing projects to the next level.

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