Are Viking Sewing Machines Low Shank

Are Viking sewing machines low shank? Sewing machines from the Viking brand are becoming increasingly popular among sewers, due to their reliable, quality sewing results and modern yet classic design. But what is a low shank machine and why does this matter? Read on to discover the answer.

The Basics of Low Shank Sewing Machines

A low shank sewing machine is one with a needle plate and presser foot that attaches at a low height. Generally, the distance between the needle plate and the presser foot is less than 1 cm and a low shank machine is suitable for light fabric and lighter weight material such as cotton, silk and gingham. This is because the low shank makes it easier to move the fabric, enabling the sewer to get a better control over the fabric and create intricate patterns with ease.

The Pros and Cons of Low Shank Viking Machines

Viking sewing machines come with a variety of presser feet and ways to attach them, so sewing with a Viking low shank machine can provide many advantages. For instance, the low needle plate and presser foot create more space for the sewers to work with and make intricate patterns with ease. Additionally, with the low shank option, the sewers can pick the fabric up and move it quickly, reducing the sewing time and resulting in a high-quality finish.

One downside to low shank Viking machines is that they are not suitable for heavier fabrics such as denim and canvas, due to the low distance between the needle plate and presser foot. Additionally, due to their precise design, low shank machines can be more difficult to set up and maintain.

Are Viking Sewing Machines Low Shank?

The answer is yes – Viking sewing machines are low shank machines. While a low shank may not be suitable for all sewing projects, it is perfect for light fabric projects such as crafting and creating intricate patterns. Additionally, thanks to the precision and high-quality materials used in Viking machines, sewers can create beautiful finish quickly and without too much effort.

Additional Features of Viking Sewing Machines

In addition to being low shank, Viking sewing machines have a range of features designed to make sewing easier. For instance, the machines have a built-in LED light and adjustable tension so that sewers can adjust the stitch size and tension to their needs. Additionally, Viking machines can sew at up to 850 stitches per minute, making them perfect for quilting and other intricate projects.

The Viking machines also offer more advanced features such as an automatic needle threader and automatic hook take-up system, making them suitable for all levels of sewers. Finally, the machines come with a range of accessories and optional features, including embroidery software, an extension table and walking feet, making them perfect for detailed projects.


In conclusion, Viking machines are low shank machines, making them perfect for creating intricate patterns and detailed projects. With features such as an LED light, adjustable tension and different presser feet, the Viking machines can help you create beautiful projects with less effort.

Other Celebrities Who Own Viking Sewing Machines

Many celebrities choose to own Viking sewing machines due to their high quality and modern design. For instance, famed fashion designer Christian Siriano is known to own one, as is singer and songwriter Sewing Machines. Additionally, famous fashion bloggers like The Makerista have often been seen with their own Viking machines.

Viking Sewing Machines On Social Media

Viking sewing machines have become popular on social media, with both sewers and celebrities promoting their use and sharing pictures of their work. Additionally, Viking has also launched several online campaigns, such as their #VikingStyleChallenge, where sewers are invited to post their projects using Viking machines on Instagram. This has helped the brand gain more exposure, as well as helping to create a community of sewers who share their tips and advice on the best ways to use Viking machines.

Design Your Own Project with a Viking Sewing Machine

If you’re looking for a machine for detailed projects, then a Viking sewing machine is perfect for you. With its low shank and range of advanced features, you’ll be able to create garments, quilts, embroidery and more. And with so many celebrities using them, it’s clear that Viking machines are the go-to choice for sewers of all levels.

Where To Buy A Viking Sewing Machine

Viking sewing machines are available from authorized retailers or directly through the Viking website. When purchasing a machine, always make sure to choose a reputable dealer, as a machine that is not properly set up could cause problems with your projects. Additionally, the website offers repair services should the machine break down.

Caring For Your Viking Sewing Machine

Taking proper care of your Viking sewing machine will ensure that it lasts for years to come. This means regularly cleaning it, checking for damage, and oiling and adjusting it as needed. Additionally, it’s important to make sure to always use genuine Viking parts and supplies, as this will ensure the machine operates optimally.

Make Sure To Choose the Right Viking Sewing Machine

When buying your Viking sewing machine, make sure to choose the correct model for your needs. Each machine comes with different features, so make sure to read through the specs or ask an expert to help you decide which one is right for you. Additionally, you can compare different models and prices to find the best deal.

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