Can You Sew Sequins With A Sewing Machine

Can You Sew Sequins with a Sewing Machine

When it comes to working with garments, sequins can be a great way to add a bit of pizzazz and glitter. A lot of people love to use sequins in their clothing, or craft projects, but not everyone knows that they can sew sequins with a sewing machine. It is possible to sew sequins with a machine, but there is an art to it.

For starters, you will need to locate a sewing machine that includes a special foot for attaching sequins. The special foot has tiny barbs or spikes that will help hold the sequins in place as you stitch them. You will also need supplies such as thread, sequins, needle, scissors, and stabilisers, along with pins to help secure the sequins before stitching.

Once you have all the supplies, the next thing to do is to ensure your machine is set up properly. You will want to lower the pressure on the presser foot to prevent snagging and pulling on the sequins. Also make sure the thread is secure and properly threaded into the machine.

When it comes to sewing the sequins, you will want to fold the sequin in half and secure it in place with a pin. You can then move the sequin into the right position and start to stitch it down with the presser foot. To help prevent snagging, you may need to use a hand wheel or backstitch a few sections.

Once the sequin is secure, you can cut the thread, pulled from the underneath and remove the pin. After that, you may need to add a few more stitches for reinforcement. It is also important to remember to keep your stitches small, otherwise the sequins may be damaged.

Sewing sequins onto fabric can give an otherwise classic look a hint of glam and sparkle. Not only can it enhance the look of the fabric, but it can also add texture and visual interest. Adding sequins to a garment can also be a great way to upcycle an older piece of clothing.

Using a sewing machine to attach sequins can seem intimidating and time-consuming, but with a little bit of practice and the right tools, it can be a great way to add some extra glam to a project.

Understand the Machine

When it comes to attaching sequins to fabric, the most important thing to understand is the machine. A regular sewing machine might not always be ideal, as it may create too much tension on the fabric and result in snags and tears. You will also need to find a sewing foot specifically designed for attaching sequins; great for providing a secure hold on the tiny sequins.

Make sure to check the tension of the machine to ensure it is tight enough; if it is too loose, the sequins will fall off, but it shouldn’t be too tight that it causes fabric snags. Lastly, check the thread to make sure it is secure and of good quality; a loose thread may result in sequins unraveling.

Prepare the Fabric

Before you start attaching the sequins, it is important to prepare the fabric. If it is lightweight, think about adding a stabiliser or interfacing, as this will help it to retain its shape. For heavier fabrics, it is best to use a heavyweight stabiliser.

If you are working on a delicate fabric, such as silk, then it is also a good idea to use a specialised needle to ensure it does not cause any damage to the fabric. Once the fabric is prepped, it is time to move onto the sequins.

Pin and Place the Sequins

Before sewing the sequins onto the fabric, it is important to position them correctly. This can be done by pinning the sequins in place, or using a fabric marker or chalk pen. Start by folding the sequin in half and pinning it onto the fabric. Then, move the pin to the correct position and begin sewing.

To make sure the sequin is securely attached, use a straight stitch and make sure the sequin is over the needle. The needle should be going through the loop at the back of the sequin and the presser foot should be good and tight. After each sequin, you may want to back stitch to reinforce it.

Additional Supplies to Consider

When it comes to sewing sequins, there is a range of supplies that can be used to help aid the process. Sewing aids such as appliqué tweezers and scissors, small craft scissors, and a range of pins and needles for different fabrics can all be useful. Tweezers are particularly helpful for holding and manoeuvring the sequins into place.

If sequins are fiddly to sew, you may consider using a dedicated sequin sewing machine. These machines come with a specialised needle and foot, as well as other features that can help make the process a lot easier.

Alternative Sequin Techniques

If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, there are a number of ways to attach sequins without one. Iron-on sequins can be attached to fabric by ironing them onto the surface; simply place the sequin onto the fabric and iron over the surface. Alternatively, you can use fabric glue and apply a small amount to the back of the sequin and press it onto the fabric.

Another great method is to use needle and thread to hand sew the sequins into place. If a garment doesn’t require too much detail, a needle and thread can do the job. All that’s needed is to secure the sequin onto the fabric with a few small stitches.


Using a sewing machine to attach sequins can add a layer of texture, colour, and sparkle to a garment. Although sometimes intimidating, with the right equipment and some practice, sewing sequins onto fabric can be a great way to add some glam and sparkle to a project. As mentioned previously, there are other ways to attach sequins without the help of a machine, such as hand sewing, iron-ons, or gluing. No matter what method you choose, sequins can be used to add some extra pizzazz to an outfit or project.

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