How Much Should You Spend On A Sewing Machine


Sewing has been around for centuries, and while it can be a great way to make clothes, hats, décor, and more, it is only possible with the help of a sewing machine. But how much should you spend on a good quality machine? The answer depends on a variety of factors, such as how often you plan to use the machine, what type of projects you plan to use it for, and your budget. This article takes a look at some of the things to consider when deciding how much to spend on a sewing machine, as well as how to find a quality machine at a price you can afford.

Types of Sewing Machines

The amount you should spend on a sewing machine depends largely on the type of machine you choose. For example, simple machines are typically more affordable and less feature-rich, while professional models are more expensive and have more features. Before deciding on a machine, it’s important to consider the type of projects you will be using it for and what features you need to complete those projects.


Another important factor to consider is the machine’s durability. Generally, the more expensive the machine, the longer it is expected to last. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive machine you can find, however. Take the time to do your research and read reviews to find a machine that is dependable and well-made, but also fits into your budget.

Price Range

Depending on the features, quality, and brand of the machine, prices for sewing machines can range from about $500 for a basic machine to well over $2,500 for a high-end model. Of course, you don’t have to spend the top of the line price to get a good quality machine.

Features to Consider

When deciding how much to spend on a machine, it’s important to consider the features that you’re looking for. Different models have different features, such as different stitch types, number of needles, and a variety of automated functions. Knowing which features you really need can help you narrow down your choices and find a machine that fits your needs.

Research & Comparison

If you’re looking to buy a sewing machine, it’s important to do your homework. Take the time to read reviews and compare different models to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. In addition, ask around to find out what other experienced sewers use and suggest. They can give you unbiased advice and help you figure out which features you should be looking for and how much you should be willing to spend.

Check for Additional Costs

When budgeting for your new machine, it’s important to factor in additional costs such as sewing machine needles, thread, bobbins, and other supplies that you may need to make sure your machine works properly. If the machine you’re considering doesn’t come with these items, factor in the cost of purchasing them separately when deciding how much you should spend.

Sewing Classes

Before spending money on a machine, consider taking a sewing class or two to learn the basics and gain a better understanding of the different machines. Classes can range from beginner to expert level and will help you decide on a machine that fits your needs.

Where to Buy Sewing Machines

Once you’ve done your research and decided how much to spend on a sewing machine, you’ll need to figure out where to buy it. Online retailers, department stores, and local sewing stores can all offer a variety of different machines. Make sure to shop around to compare pricing, features, and warranties before you make your purchase.


When it comes to buying a sewing machine, a good warranty is a must. Most brands of quality machines offer a warranty of at least one year, but some products have longer warranties that can last up to five years. Before you commit to a machine, make sure to read the warranty details to make sure you’re covered if something on the machine malfunctions.

The Bottom Line

Deciding how much to spend on a sewing machine can be tricky, but you don’t have to break the bank. Take the time to do your research and compare different models to find one that fits your needs and your budget. Consider the features and warranties of each machine, as well as additional costs for supplies, and use the information in this article to make an informed decision.


When it comes to buying a sewing machine, it is important to take the price, features, durability and warranties into consideration. Read reviews, take classes, and compare machines before you purchase. Keep in mind the type of sewing projects you plan on using the machine for and look for a model that meets your needs and budget. With a bit of research, you should have no trouble finding the right machine at the right price.

Geoffrey Kirby is an experienced author and sewist who has been creating sewn projects for over 20 years. He has a passion for teaching beginners and inspiring more advanced sewists both online and through his writings. Outside of writing about sewing, Geoffrey loves to explore new techniques and styles of sewing that incorporate upcycling fabric remnants into sweet items with personality.

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