How To Change Bobbin In Mini Sewing Machine

It is important to know how to change the bobbin in a mini sewing machine. The bobbin plays a crucial role in the functioning of the sewing machine and should be changed as soon as it gets empty or breaks. Changing the bobbin is a simple job that can be done at home and requires only a few minutes. Read below to learn a precise step-by-step guide on how to change the bobbin in a mini sewing machine.

When it comes to changing the bobbin in a mini sewing machine, the first step is to remove the accessory box or holder, which is usually plastic, usually located at the top of the machine. Locate the plastic lid on this box which covers the actual bobbin and may be marked as “Bobbin case” and “Bobbin winder”. Open this lid. Now you may see a metal latch, which holds the bobbin in the chamber. Move the metal latch to its open position so that you can remove the bobbin chamber from the machine.

Now use both your hands to remove the bobbin from the chamber, making sure you firmly hold the bobbin while taking it out. Thoroughly examine the bobbin to check if it is empty or not. If you see any signs of scratches, discoloration, or breaks, it is time to replace the bobbin. If you are going to use the same bobbin, skip the next step.

After purchasing the bobbin, clear off the dust and dirt from inside the bobbin chamber. Now insert the new bobbin inside the chamber and make sure that the bobbin is placed correctly. Notice that one side of the bobbin has an open side and the other side is closed. Make sure the open side is facing out. Now make sure to press the bobbin down to its correct place. Once the bobbin is in place, make sure to close the metal latch.

Once the bobbin is securely placed, you can re-insert the bobbin chamber inside the machine. Make sure to firmly close the lid of the bobbin chamber. Check if all the parts are properly put back in their places. After this, your mini sewing machine should be ready to use. If not, troubleshoot the problems so that the sewing machine works correctly.

Thread the Bobbin

After changing the bobbin, you need to thread the string through it. Threading the bobbin is a straightforward procedure. The first step is to locate the thread spool or the needle plate or the bobbin winder which are usually located at the top of the machine. Now pull the thread from the spool in such a way that it passes through the slot or the passage and then connect it to the bobbin winder. Then fit the bobbin on the bobbin winder.

Hold a bit of the end of the string while rotating the winder handle in a clockwise direction so that the thread wraps around the bobbin. When the bobbin is full of thread, disconnect the thread and cut it with a pair of scissors. Make sure to pull the wound thread into the bobbin chamber and thread the bobbin chamber with the thread. Now run a few practice stitches to verify that the thread is properly connected.


Changing the bobbin in a mini sewing machine is a straightforward job. Even if you are not an expert, you can still do it yourself. All you need to do is to follow these steps and you can easily change the bobbin. Just make sure that you do it properly, as this will affect the functioning of the sewing machine.

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