How To Clean Kenmore Sewing Machine

Having a Kenmore sewing machine is a great investment for anyone looking for a reliable machine to use for their projects and needs. But it needs regular maintenance to keep it running like new. Cleaning your Kenmore sewing machine is a simple two-step process: First, prepare the machine for cleaning, and second, actually do the cleaning itself. Here is an in-depth guide on how to clean your Kenmore sewing machine effectively.

What You Need

Before starting the cleaning process, you’ll need certain items:

  • A soft clean cloth
  • A soft brush
  • Cleaning lubricants (available at most sewing supply shops)
  • Vacuum cleaner

Prepping the Machine

The first step is to prepare the machine for cleaning. Unplug your Kenmore sewing machine so it does not accidentally switch on while cleaning. Remove any attachments from the machine to give yourself better access to all parts. Next, remove the bobbin case, presser foot, and needle. This is to ensure that the machine is free of dust, debris and thread residue, which can be trapped in these areas.

Cleaning the Parts

Before starting the actual cleaning process, lay a large cloth down so that all the pieces of the machine are covered. This will help protect the parts and keep them clean. Start by wiping down the body of the machine with a clean cloth, being sure to get underneath as well. Then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust or dirt that may have gathered in the crevices of the machine.

Next take the parts such as the bobbin case, presser foot, and needle and wipe them with a soft cloth to remove any dust or lint. Use a soft brush to scrub away any thread residue that may be stuck in the small parts of the machine. Carefully lubricate all the moving parts with recommended cleaning lubricants. Make sure to regularly check the wiring too, ensuring that all the wires are securely connected and not loose.

Cleaning the Needles

The needles of the Kenmore sewing machine are its most important components. Cleaning the needles should be done carefully and regularly to help maintain its performance. Start by removing the needles from the machine, then wiping them with a clean cloth or tissue. You can also use fine oil to lubricate the needles.

Then, use a soft brush to gently brush away any dirt or lint that may have built up along the needles. Finally, inspect the needle for any signs of wear and tear, and if so, replace the needle with a new one. Be sure to only use sewing needles that are made for the Kenmore brand.

Cleaning the Bobbin Area

The next step is to clean the bobbin area of your Kenmore sewing machine. Remove any lint or dust from the bobbin area by using a soft and clean cloth, taking care not to damage the small parts. After that, check the tension of the bobbin thread, adjusting the tension if needed. Finally, lubricate the bobbin area with a recommended lubricant.

Cleaning the Feed Dogs

The feed dogs are located at the bottom of the machine and help move the fabric while you sew. To clean them, first use a soft cloth to eliminate any lint or dust that may have built up. Next, use a vacuum cleaner on the feed dogs, being careful not to damage them. Finally, lubricate the feed dogs with a recommended lubricant.

Cleaning the Bed Plate

The bed plate is the flat metal plate found underneath the needle plate. Unscrew the needle plate to access it, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the lint and dust that may have built up. After that, wipe down the bed plate with a clean, dry cloth. Finally, use a recommended cleaning lubricant to lubricate the bed plate.

How to Prevent Future Build-Up

Once your Kenmore sewing machine has been thoroughly cleaned, it is important to take steps to prevent any further build-up of dirt, dust or lint. Use a cover to protect your machine from dirt and debris when it is not in use. Regularly clean and lubricate your machine, and replace the needles if necessary. It is also important to check and adjust the tension of the bobbin thread regularly.

Storage Tips

Taking proper care of your machine is essential for optimal performance. To keep your machine in good condition, store it in a cool and dry place and do not use it in damp or humid environments. Make sure the machine is unplugged when not in use and dust and clean it regularly.


Cleaning and maintaining your Kenmore sewing machine is essential for optimal performance. It is a simple two-step process that should be done regularly: Prepare the machine for cleaning, and then clean it. Make sure to use a log of different items such as a vacuum cleaner, soft brush and cleaning lubricants. Clean all the parts specially the bed plate, feed dogs, needles and bobbin area to keep the machine in pristine condition. Additionally, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place with regular dusting and cleaning. Following these simple steps will ensure your Kenmore sewing machine will last for many years to come.

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