How To Make Scrunchie With Sewing Machine

How to Make a Scrunchie with a Sewing Machine

Accessorizing with a fashionable scrunchie is a great way to add a little spark to any outfit. Scrunchies can add texture and a pop of color to an ensemble, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. But store-bought scrunchies can be expensive, and their range of fabrics and colors may be limited. For those looking for a more customized scrunchie experience, the solution may be to try making their own! Here’s how to make a scrunchie with a sewing machine.

The materials needed to make a scrunchie with a sewing machine are simple and easy to obtain. First and foremost, a piece of fabric is needed, which should be rectangular in shape and roughly 12 inches in length. Any type of fabric can be used, although jersey knits, velvet and other stretchy materials are preferred. Additionally, a piece of ribbon or cord, no longer than 8 inches in length, will be required as well. A pair of scissors and a sewing machine are also necessary, as well as basic sewing supplies such as pins and thread.

The project begins by folding the fabric in half and cutting off any excess, so that the width of the fabric is half of the original length. Next, the edges of the fabric should be sewn together, leaving a one-inch opening in the middle. Then, the ribbon or cord should be put through the tunnel of the fabric. If a ribbon is used, it will get sewn inside the fabric. After that, a piece of elastic should be put through the tunnel in the fabric, as well. Once all of the components have been inserted, the fabric should be turned inside out, and the open end should be stitched shut. Lastly, an extra stitch should be added at one end where all of the pieces are connected to create an even more secure scrunchie.

It’s important to note that scrunchies made with a sewing machine may be less durable than store-bought options. The material of the scrunchie may not be as sturdy as ones with sewn-in elastic, and the fabric may begin to fray more easily with wear and tear. Furthermore, scrunchies made with a sewing machine are not as adjustable, because the elastic is permanently sewn in. For those looking for a more adjustable, durable scrunchie, it’s best to look for items made with sewn-in elastic or ones that include a button for fastening.

Tips to Make a Professional Looking Scrunchie

For those who want their homemade scrunchie to look more professional, there are a few tips and tricks worth considering. For example, be mindful of reinforcing all stitches. Prior to closing the open end, a few extra stitches should be added for extra durability. Additionally, it’s a good idea to switch up the stitching. Those who are experienced with sewing may want to use zigzag or backstitching when sewing the edges together. For the ribbon or cord, a decorative trim may be used to make the scrunchie look even more sophisticated.

In addition to making sure all stitches are reinforced, it’s also beneficial to use a sturdy elastic. The one inch elastic should be wide and strong, so it’s best to use elastic made from polyester or spandex. Furthermore, for the fabric, fabric with a high thread count is preferred. High thread count fabric is usually more durable, and any fraying is less likely to occur. Lastly, it helps to use scrap fabric as a lining and then putting the ribbon or cord on top. This will not only help reinforce the tunnel, but it also gives the scrunchie a more finished look.

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

In order to make a scrunchie with a sewing machine, it’s important to have access to a machine that’s up to the task. Any type of machine should be able to handle making a scrunchie, but some may perform better than others. For this specific project, an electronic sewing machine or a computerized sewing machine is highly recommended due to their ability to handle multiple layers of fabric and additional features that automate certain tasks, such as adjusting the tension or the speed of the stitching. Experienced sewers may be able to get by with a manual machine, but beginners may want to invest in a more functional machine for future projects.

In conclusion, making a scrunchie with a sewing machine is a relatively simple project. All it takes is some fabric, a piece of ribbon or cord, elastic, and a sewing machine. By following these steps and adding a few tips and tricks, anyone can make a custom scrunchie at a fraction of the cost of store-bought options.

Different Styles of Scrunchies

Once the basics of making a scrunchies are mastered, there are other styles that can be experimented with. For example, criss-cross scrunchies are exactly what they sound like. Instead of the ribbon or cord lying straight, they are sewn in a criss-cross design, adding a unique look to the scrunchie. Other types of scrunchies include gathered scrunchies, ruffled scrunchies, and no-sew scrunchies. The possibilities are endless, and with a little bit of creativity, anyone can make a variety of scrunchies to match any outfit.

Designing Your Own Scrunchies

With a few supplies and a bit of creativity, anyone can design and make their own scrunchie. An unlimited amount of fabrics and colors can be used to make truly one-of-a-kind scrunchies. Furthermore, certain techniques can be used to add even more texture, such as using sequins or adding ruffles. Plus, making scrunchies is a great craft that can easily be done in one’s spare time.

Using Scrunchies to Raise Money

Scrunchies are also a great project to take on if one is looking to raise money for a charitable cause or school. Scrunchies can easily be sold online or at a craft fair. Depending on the amount of time and effort put into making the scrunchies, they can be sold for a good price. Furthermore, by partnering with local businesses, it’s possible to accomplish a greater reach. There are many ways to get creative and market the product for a good price.

Marketing a Scrunchie Business

For those looking to make a business out of making scrunchies, there are certain steps that need to be taken. First, it’s important to consider what type of customers the business aims to serve and to create marketing materials that specifically target that demographic. Next, setting up an online store or a website can help reach more customers. Additionally, it’s beneficial to take advantage of different types of social media to increase awareness, such as setting up an Instagram account or holding giveaways. Lastly, by attending craft fairs, selling to friends and family, and offering discounts, word of mouth promotion can be increased.

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