How To Thread A Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine

Threading the needle

The Viking Husqvarna sewing machine is an excellent choice for the novice seamstress or tailor. It offers a number of options that can make sewing projects more basic or more intricate, whether smaller crafts or larger projects such as garments and upholstery. Although mastering the machine may take some time and patience, the rewards are well worth it. With this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you get started with your Viking Husqvarna sewing machine.


Start by gathering the supplies you need: the spool holder, the spool of thread, the bobbin, a pair of scissors, and the machine itself. You should wind the bobbin in accordance with the Viking Husqvarna machine’s directions. Put the wound bobbin into the shuttle race, and thread the shuttle race in line with the machine’s instructions. Place the spool holder on the machine’s thread holder, then snap the spool of thread onto the holder.

Threading the top

Once the bobbin is loaded and the spool of thread is secured, it’s time to thread the top thread. Take the end of the thread and measure it so it is 3x longer than the distance from the spool to the thread take-up lever, which is located on top of the machine. Pull it to the right to insure it is in the up position. After you insure the thread release lever is pressed, open the tension discs by taking out the tension disc and pressing the release lever. With the tension discs open, thread the tension discs with the thread and then move the needle thread from left to right, inserting it through the needle eye from the back of the Viking Husqvarna machine.

Threading the bobbin

Once the top thread is threaded and the tension discs are ready, it is time to thread the bobbin. To thread the bobbin, you will want to pull the bobbin thread up toward the top of the machine; this will draw an inch of thread out. Move the small thread guide in front of the needle to the left side of the machine and place the bobbin underneath. Pull the thread up into the slot and back through the hole. Place the thread on the hook and move the hook in a counter-clockwise direction. Insert the thread into the large thread guide and bring it to the left side. Place the bobbin back onto the shuttle race, turning the small spindle to the left and pushing it up until it clicks and the bobbin is clasped in place. Bring the thread over to the finger and place it underneath as you pull it up and guide it into the slot.

Winding the bobbin

Next, you will want to wind the bobbin. Press the reverse stitch lever and position the machine so that the thread take-up lever is out of the bobbin area. Put the end of the thread into the machine’s bobbin hole, making sure it is tight. Place the reverse stitch lever into the forward stitch position and place the needle into the down position. Press the bobbin winder clutch, which is located on the hand wheel side of the machine. The bobbin will start to wind. Once the bobbin is full, the clutch will be automatically shut off. When the bobbin stops winding, the clutch will release; cut the thread and secure it on the bobbin by securing it with a few hand stitches.


Occasionally the thread will become tangled or other issues may arise, such as the bobbin not picking up the upper thread. To detangle the thread, cut the upper thread and re-thread both the top and the bobbin. If the bobbin is not picking up the top thread, you may need to readjust it. Make sure the thread is passing freely through the tension discs and that the threads are not rubbing against each other. If the threads are rubbing against each other, they may be causing tension, which can cause the bobbin thread to not be picked up.

Using the Feed Dog

When you’re ready to start sewing, you first need to select the feed dog. The feed dog is a small metal bar with small teeth on the bottom that helps the material to move forward in a regular fashion while you sew. To select the feed dog, set the feed selector lever to the desired position. Most Viking Husqvarna machines allow you to select from two different feed dog settings: high or low. Make sure the feed dog is in the correct position for the material you are sewing.

Starting to Sew

Once the feed dog has been selected, it’s time to start sewing. Place the fabric under the needle and press the foot controller. This will lower the needle, and the feed dog will begin to move the fabric forward. As you sew, you will want to make sure to keep an even tension on the fabric, as this will ensure a neat, even stitch. You’ll also want to make sure you’re pressing the foot controller evenly and smoothly, so the fabric doesn’t become bunched up.

Adjusting the Stitch Length

The stitch length on the Viking Husqvarna sewing machine can be adjusted to fit the project you’re working on. To adjust the stitch length, press the stitch length button to display the current stitch length. Use the dial to lower or increase the stitch length value. Lower settings mean a shorter stitch, while higher settings mean a longer stitch. When you reach the desired length, press the stitch length button once again to save and lock in the stitch length.

Safety Tips

Sewing can be a dangerous endeavor, so it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions. Before each use, make sure to check the machine and bobbin case for any damage or debris. Make sure the needle is in good condition, and inspect the pattern foot for any metal burrs that could scratch or tear the fabric. Never leave your machine running unattended, and always use the correct foot attachment. Avoid putting your hands near the needle or any other moving parts of the machine.

Tension Adjustment

When you’re finished with your project, you’ll need to adjust the tension. To do this, turn the machine off and disconnect it from the power source. Take out the bobbin and the needle, then remove the upper thread. Take out the tension discs and clean both sides with a soft cloth. when the discs are clean, inspect them for small metal burrs and replace any discs that are damaged or worn. Re-thread the upper thread and test your tension settings. If they are incorrect, use the tension selector dial to adjust them until they’re even.


The Viking Husqvarna sewing machine is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you create beautiful garments and other fabric items. Threading the machine may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. We hope this article has given you a good overview of the steps you need to take to get started with your Viking Husqvarna sewing machine. With the right supplies and a bit of practice, you can create beautiful, professional-looking pieces.

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