A.G. Mason Sewing Machine

History of the A.G. Mason Sewing Machine

The A.G. Mason sewing machine was invented in 1871 by Englishman Alfred Gilbert Mason, and it was revolutionary for its time. Mason was inspired to create the machine from extensive study of other devices such as the 1855 Stevens System of Lockstitch Sewing. His machine created a consistent stitch and was easy to use in comparison to other devices of the time. It was marketed as a sewing machine for domestic use and had many improvements on earlier models including less weight and a larger needle gauge.

The early design for the A.G. Mason had a mechanism that enabled the machine to sew through heavy leather materials. This made it ideal for the production of bags and other leather goods. It was also used in garment and shoe production during the late 19th century. The machine quickly gained popularity around the world thanks to William R. Hamilton who served as the boards representative in the United States of America marketing the machine.

Design and Functionality

The A.G. Mason sewing machine was designed to be used by domestic users, offering their customers a reliable and user-friendly experience. It featured a double-point needle, allowing it to easily sew through materials, and it became widely popular. It was made from cast iron and was easy to move around due to its lightweight design. The machine also featured a unique gear system that enabled the user to adjust the speed of the stitch being formed.

The machine had a foot treadle, which allowed the user to control the speed of the machine by pressing the treadle. It also had a tension control, allowing the user to adjust the tension of the thread. The machine came with a variety of attachments, including a bobbin winder, needle guard, hemming device, and a shuttle and hook for gathering fabric.

Impact of A.G. Mason Sewing Machine

The A.G. Mason Sewing Machine had a major impact on the industry at the time. It revolutionised the industry due to its simple design, lightweight nature and ease of use. It allowed for quicker sewing with consistent results, leading to greater efficiency in the production of goods. The machine paved the way for the development of more sophisticated sewing machines in the future.

The A.G. Mason Sewing Machine was also important for the home consumer. It allowed people to cheaply and easily sew their own clothing, freeing them from dependence on skilled sewers. This allowed the consumer greater freedom in terms of style, as they could create their own clothing to fit their individual tastes. The machine also opened up opportunities for those in rural areas who previously had limited access to skilled sewers.

Modern A.G. Mason Sewing Machine

Today, the A.G. Mason sewing machine has been updated and modernised, but it still has the same basic design as the original. It has been modified to be able to sew heavier materials and more intricate designs, and it is still a popular choice for home sewists due to its reliability and ease of use. It is a popular choice for quilters who use the machine for its ability to handle thicker fabrics and heavier threads, as well as its user-friendly features.

The modern A.G. Mason sewing machines are more affordable than ever and offer advanced features that are beneficial to both experienced and novice sewers. It is a great choice for those who want a simple and reliable machine that can handle a variety of fabrics, threads and patterns.

New Developments of A.G. Mason Sewing Machine

In recent years, the A.G. Mason sewing machine has been updated with modern technology advancements. This includes the development of computerised versions of the machine, allowing the user to store and retrieve patterns, increasing the number of stitches that can be created and creating a more consistent stitch. The computerised versions also have interactive displays that allow the user to follow the instructions and make any necessary changes to the settings.

The machine has also been designed to be compatible with certain software programs that allow the user to create and edit patterns, as well as access a range of decorative stitches. The new designs of the A.G. Mason sewing machine have also been made more efficient and reliable, allowing the user to complete their projects more quickly and easily.


The A.G. Mason sewing machine is a great choice for both experienced and novice sewers. It is an easy to use machine with reliable performance. It has been modernised with new features and computerised versions, making it even better for home users. It is a great choice for those looking for a versatile and user-friendly sewing machine.

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