How To Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine

Owning a Bernina sewing machine means you’re likely passionate about your craft and aim to have your sewing machine running as beautifully as it did the day you bought it. Keeping up with the proper maintenance and oiling schedule of your machine is essential to ensuring it runs optimally and remains in the best condition. But how do you properly oil your Bernina sewing machine? In this article, we’ll look at the why, when, and how to oil your Bernina machine.

Why Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine?

Regular oiling of your Bernina sewing machine is an important part of its maintenance. The lubrication of any machine is key to keeping it running in top condition. In the case of a Bernina machine, oil is applied not just for lubrication, but to minimize friction and wear, too. Without oil, your machine will become clogged with particles and dust, rendering it useless and requiring the help of a professional repairperson.

When To Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine

Your Bernina machine should be oiled on a regular basis, usually every eight hours of usage. A good rule of thumb is to oil your machine after every major project is completed. It is also advisable to clean your machine before oiling to ensure all debris is removed, so as not to have any particles of dust or dirt collecting in the lubricant.

How To Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine

To oil your Bernina sewing machine, begin by unplugging it from the power source. Before you start oiling, consult your machine’s manual for specific instructions on the appropriate lubricants and parts that need to be oiled. For most models, you will need a high grade sewing machine oil. Keep your machine stable, because if you turn it when being oiled, pockets of air can be formed that will make your machine run sluggishly.

Start by applying a few drops of oil to the mechanical parts of your machine. Rotating the hand-wheels while applying the oil to different parts will help the oil get into areas of your machine that may not be visible to the eye. Finally, apply a few drops of oil to the gears, such as the feed dogs and the bobbin case. Be careful not to apply too much oil, otherwise your machine will make a mess of your fabric.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are a few common pitfalls to avoid when oiling your Bernina sewing machine. Firstly, try to avoid using oil other than the recommended machine-specific oil. You should also check that any lubrication being used is not too watery, as this will create a mess and can damage delicate parts. Additionally, do not use furniture, general-purpose, or automotive oils as these are designed for different purposes and can corrode your machine’s parts.

Furthermore, avoid oiling the motor of your sewing machine, since this can cause the machine to overheat and damage the internal parts. You should also clean the excess seam or dirt that builds up around the bobbin case, as this can eventually interfere with the machine’s operation. Finally, never use petroleum-based lubricants as these will damage the sewing machine’s plastic parts.

Oiling Safety Tips

You must always be sure to handle your Bernina sewing machine with care when oiling it. Oiling the machine can be a messy job so you will want to be sure to wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles and take the necessary safety precautions.

Make sure your machine is completely off, and unplug it from the power source before oiling. Additionally, use a lint-free cloth to clean off excess oil or dirt buildup, and avoid getting any oil on the external parts of your machine, such as the body or control panel.

Keep Your Bernina Sewing Machine Running Smoother For Longer

Keeping up with the proper maintenance, cleaning and oiling schedule of your Bernina sewing machine is essential to maintaining its optimal performance, reliability, and resale value. Oiling your machine regularly helps to reduce the risk of any dirt accumulation and wear, and to prevent the machine from becoming clogged.

Always be sure to consult your Bernina machine’s manual for detailed instructions and advice, and only use the recommended oil to ensure your machine continues to run at its best. By respecting the regular maintenance and oiling schedule of your Bernina sewing machine, you’ll ensure that your beloved sewing machine will keep on delivering you wonderful sewing results for many years to come.

Changing and Cleaning Your Bernina Sewing Machine Needles

Knowing when and how to change and clean the needles of your Bernina sewing machine is vital for crisp, beautiful stitches that come out of your machine every time.

The right needle size and type should match both the fabric and the thread being used. You should replace the needles regularly, usually after every five or six hours of use, to ensure they remain at their sharpest and cleanest. If a needle produces a poor stitch, it should be discarded, replaced, and the old needle disposed of in an incinerator.

Cleaning a needle is essential to ensuring it runs smoothly in your machine. Before inserting a new needle, clean out accumulated lint in the needle slot with a lint brush. Additionally, don’t shake the needle to remove lint as this can cause damage to the needle shaft and eye.

Maintaining Feed Dog Cleanliness

It’s important to keep the feed dogs of your Bernina sewing machine clean, because any small accumulation of dirt and lint can reduce their effectiveness.

You should clean the feed dogs with a clean, lint-free cloth every time you oil your machine. Use tweezers to remove small threads, and make sure to use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust particles.

To check if there is still lint or dirt on the feed dogs, activate the machine to move the feed dogs, then shine a penlight on them. Any debris still present will be obvious in the light. Finally, you should never use any type of cleaner on the feed dogs, only a brush and lint-free cloth.

Keeping Your Bernina Sewing Machine in Tip-Top Condition

It’s worth researching the best way to care for your Bernina sewing machine and to become an expert in how to oil it. Knowing how to take care of your Bernina sewing machine will allow it to continue to perform for many years to come, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

The information available online is invaluable, but always check the specific manual of your machine. Be sure to consult with your local sewing machine repairperson, too. They can check to make sure that all necessary maintenance techniques have been appropriately done and supply advice which is tailored to your particular model.

Following the maintenance schedule of your Bernina sewing machine outlined in both the manual and by an experienced repair person will help ensure that your beloved Bernina machine will keep producing wonderful sewing results for many years to come.

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