How To Put A Bobbin In A Husqvarna Sewing Machine

Putting a bobbin in a Husqvarna sewing machine is a necessary skill that all beginners must learn if they are going to get any work done. Sewing machines are complicated pieces of machinery and putting a bobbin in one can be an intimidating task. This guide will show you how to put a bobbin in a Husqvarna sewing machine and help you get up and running.

The first step to putting a bobbin in a Husqvarna sewing machine is to find the bobbin compartment. This is usually located at the bottom of the machine and can be easily identified by a small round hole in the bottom of the machine. After you have located the bobbin compartment, you will need to open it up by putting your finger through the hole and pushing down to release the bobbin compartment lid.

The next step is to put the bobbin into the bobbin compartment. Make sure that the bobbin is inserted correctly so that the thread can move freely in the compartment. It is important that the bobbin is lined up with the thread guides on the item which will allow the thread to move freely and also prevent it from tangling. Once the bobbin is in place, you will need to close the lid of the bobbin compartment and make sure that it is firmly shut.

The third step is to wind the bobbin. It is important to wind the bobbin slowly and evenly so that the thread does not become tangled. The bobbin can be wound either manually or by using the winding mechanism on the sewing machine. Before starting to wind the bobbin, make sure to secure the thread in place beginning near the bobbin pin. Once the bobbin is secure, start winding the thread around the bobbin in the same direction that you wound the thread.

The fourth step is to insert the bobbin into the lower spool pin. This is the pin located at the top of the machine below the bobbin compartment. Place the bobbin on the spool pin so that it sits securely on the pin and then slowly turn the bobbin until it is firmly in place. Make sure to secure the thread in place after the bobbin is inserted.

The fifth step is to draw up the bobbin thread. To do this, hold the top thread and press the bobbin winder on the machine. Once the machine starts to move, keep holding the thread and let it guide the thread through the bobbin compartment. When the thread is drawn up, you should be able to see both the top and bottom threads through the needle area. After this is done, you can begin to sew.

Thread Tension

An important factor to consider when putting a bobbin in a Husqvarna sewing machine is the thread tension. This is the amount of tension that the thread is under when it is moving through the machine. The tension will depend on the type of fabric that you are sewing and should be adjusted accordingly. If the tension is too low, then the stitches will be too loose and if the tension is too high, then the stitches will be too tight. The tension can be adjusted using a knob or lever on the side of the machine.

Bobbin Check

Before beginning any project, it is a good idea to do a bobbin check. This will help you make sure that the bobbin is in the correct position and that the thread is winding correctly. To do this, you can use the needle area to view the bobbin threads. If the bobbin threads are not visible, then the bobbin might not be in the correct position or the thread might be wound incorrectly. This can be easily fixed by inserting the bobbin into the proper position and making sure that the thread is wound correctly.

Thread Cutter

The use of a thread cutter is highly recommended when sewing with a Husqvarna sewing machine. This tool helps to quickly and accurately cut the thread when you need to switch threads or when you have finished a project. It is important to make sure that the thread cutter is sharp and precise so that the thread can be easily and accurately cut.


The most common issue faced when putting a bobbin in a Husqvarna sewing machine is thread tangling. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as thread tension, incorrect winding, or incorrect insertion of the bobbin. If this happens, then it is important to make sure that the thread tension is set correctly, the bobbin is inserted correctly, and the thread is wound correctly. If this does not solve the issue, then it is best to seek the advice of a professional.

Caring for the Bobbin

It is important to take care of the bobbin when putting it in a Husqvarna sewing machine. Make sure to keep the bobbin area clean and free of dust and debris. This will help to ensure that the bobbin is moving freely in the machine and is not causing any unwanted friction. It is also important to make sure that the bobbin is not over-wound or the thread will become tangled.

Storage Tips

When storing your bobbin, it is important to make sure that it is kept in a clean and dry area. If the bobbin is exposed to moisture or dirt, then it can become corroded or worn which can hinder its performance. It is also important to keep the bobbin away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Finally, it is a good idea to wrap the bobbin in a protective cloth to keep it safe when it is not being used.

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